Running Day 2021 – Exhibitors

Running Day 2021 – Exhibitors. All vehicles marked “R” will be providing FREE trips to picturesque local destinations throughout the day.

NABS Vehicles 




Single Decker
VO 8846 Leyland Lion South Notts Under restoration
MAL 310 Leyland Royal Tiger South Notts Under restoration
618 KRA Bedford SB1 Felix Bus Services Under restoration
966 RVO Bedford VAL14 Barton Transport
DNU 20C Bristol MW Midland General
DAL 771J AEC Reliance Barton Transport
XRB 415L Leyland National Midland General
XRR 615M Leyland Leopard Barton Transport
RRR 517R Bedford YMT Barton Transport
Leyland Leopard Midland Red
Double Decker
DJF 349 Leyland PD1 Leicester CT Under restoration
VVO 735 Leyland PSC1 Barton Transport Under restoration
JVO 230 Leyland PD1 Barton Transport
KNN 254 Leyland PD1 Barton Transport
OTV 161 AEC Regent III Nottingham CT
854 FNN AEC Regent V Barton Transport
ARC 666T Leyland AN68 Nottingham CT
ORC 545P Leyland AN68 Trent Motor Traction
WAL 782 Leyland PS1/1 Barton

Visiting Vehicles

Single Decker
Double Decker